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Membership by nomination & gifting. 

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The Membership ComeUnity  believes in sharing resources, trading objects and services - we cross-pollinate to make our daily lives better together.

Affiliates - Facilitators - Practitioners 

* Darinka Blagaj • Fine Artist - Innovator at  The Smile Office Project - Quantum Coaching for Leaders. Flowing Presence Facilitator for:  Initiations , Art Breath, Creative Genius

Triz Remedios •  Soul Work, Drumming, Sacred Circles and Sacred Space, Shaman. Pianist, sacred Musician, performer

• MoonDancer  - Circle of Wisdom, Sacred Journeys, Shamman

• Margherita - The Crystal Lotus, Crystal Illuminations, Business Coach, Leader.

Resources Offered

1.     A Sacred Space - A Sacred Space with balanced energetics.  A Space of Love and Nourishment - to re-fuel, to awaken, to inspire, to enliven, to reinforce, YOU and your Heart's Desire, Your Soul Song

2.     Art Breath - evolutionary art of Darinka Blagaj - to be in the presence of activated original paintings - installations with vibrant energy fields pulsing life force.

3.     Sacred Sound- To sound, harmonize and vocalize - using the voice to heal and replenish the body, reconfigure energetics through Soul Songs, and Collective Music Jams

4.     CITY & COUNTRY RETREATS  - Inner Goddess, Sacred You, Fashion of the Heart, Soul Journey, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Dance Improv, GoRaw Food Creating, Raw Desserts, Super Foods, etc 

5.     SMILE LOVE NETWORK  A ComeUnity of gifted, Explorative, Caring Beings

6.     Bookings -  Individual Sessions & Group Sessions, Retreats & Journeys - Intuitive Energywork & Transformational Work:

Members can book personal sessions & appointments and participate in group special events with our team of facilitators and leaders. special guests and visiting mentors.