Tiny Dancing PoetTrees ...cutie gifts

Birch wood, tiny laser cut 4" PoetTress  •  Fit in your hand!  They are cheap, tiny pocket size, and gorgeous!  Order yours in bundles.  #DIY project to gift, or make colour poems for and with your friends and family for the holidays. Get messy, get glitter, finger paint 'em, have fun - or you may just want to string them natural wood as they are. Place them in envelopes within cards, on the tree or assemble many of them to make a tree - wrap them up!

3 for $12,  5 for $20, 12 for $40 - PM us on Facebook


Sculpture PoetTrees 

PoetTree is a physical sculpture made out of metal or wood., ranging in size from 12"- 48' and beyond. Place it strategically to create a PoetTree corner or area providing a space to write, create and share poetry, prose, quotes,: on post-it notes, or on paper attached with magnets. This tree blossoms with active creativity. Place it & they'll come!

The PoetTree encourages peeps not only to share poetic thoughts, but also interact with the miscellaneous musings of others beyond the average, daily “nice to meet you” pleasantries. 

Contact The Smile Office Studio to get your own PoetTree to your site - bring one to your cafe, yoga studio, company, work place, park, community centre, school, store, hub, or restaurant, etc.

A Smile Office Project - The PoetTree:, activating a "Culture of Now" non-digital creating ComeUnity