Small Scale Pocket


YES! Decorate your Christmas tree with PoetTrees! Gifts!

Wooden laser cut PoetTress  •   tiny pocket size 2"-3" - order in bundles of 4, 12,  20,  25. ORDERS open on Dec 5, 2018 - see contact page and our Facebook group.

Upload your poems on Instagram #PoetTree 

Handwrite on your own PoetTree , assemble a few trees, photograph them, paint on them, or place them within your cards, as gifts, bundle them and share the creative play. Use art supplies to paint, glitter and dazzle your poems & trees.

B l o s s o m i n g    i n t e r a c t i o n ,   

  s e e    t h i n g s   g r o w .

Come sit in its creative shade, 

write a poem on the spot, 

try stream of consciousness

rhyme or not 

draw, paint

let yourself


Imported from the creative jungles known as The Smile Office, headquarters in Toronto - breathing into experience a post consumerist philosophy - a creative interaction.

The PoetTree can now be planted throughout our communities to spread the joy of nurturing creative writing and playful art making. 

It’s easy to care for too, as the PoetTree is naturally nurtured through interaction and the expression of others, be it a wonky word or two or a random banana thought. 

It's buds are magnets or push pins and blossoms with you -  folks looking to share and pen their own expressionishticks. 

The PoetTree naturally grows best in: cafés, randomly open thinking stores and businesses, neighbourhoods, parks, hospital waiting rooms, yoga facilities, community centres - or your front lawn!

This year plant your own ideas as ornaments upon your own Tree - heart to heart.

Large Scale Sculpture PoetTrees 

Now available - Large Scale Trees- This wood or metal tree can be gifted to a location by a neighbourhood, an organization, or individuals, a club, school to school or a yoga studio or film studio. 

The PoetTree encourages peeps not only to share poetic thoughts, but also interact with the miscellaneous musings of others beyond the average, daily “nice to meet you” pleasantries. 

Contact The Smile Office Studio to get your own PoetTree to your site - bring one to your cafe, yoga studio, company, work place, park, community centre, school, store, hub, or restaurant, etc.

PoetTree is a physical sculpture made out of metal or wood., ranging in size from 12"- 48' and beyond. Place it strategically to creates a PoetTree corner or area providing a space to write, create and share poetry, prose, quotes,: on post-it notes, or on paper attached with magnets. This tree blossoms with active creativity.

A Smile Office Project - The PoetTree:, activates a "Culture of Now" non-digital creating ComeUnity -