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Creative - What's happening NOW!

TOPICS & Themes  -  Navigating with feelings - moment to moment, spontaneity, Living a Life of Art, relationship revelations, deep loving, a new relationship with ourselves & feeling more love. Being Grateful - appreciating life Sacred Space - what is it?, Energywork - what is it?  Being in the moment, presence - what is it?  

"Keep looking at what you want to see!" - darinka blagaj 1988   

Art is an experience that may transform the viewer. Art is play that engages our imagination and how we see the world. Art is the door to our mind. Great Art... 

INTERVIEW with DARINKA BLAGAJ by Margherita Crystal Lotus on Google +

"This one is a lubricant for your life" Saeng-Fah Graham, London/Thailand/New York/Toronto

THE BIG SMILE - with Darinka Blagaj and guests

Weekly interviews of fascinating people, and adventures from an artist's life and wanderings

This Episode, Darinka Speaks with Traditional Indian Priest and Yogi Sundeep Tyagi, from Freedom Yoga Canada with DJ Ivan Palmer.

• the art breath videos on Youtube weekly videos of live art making - Darinka has been carrying her sketchbooks around fro 30 years, making LIVE ART- spontaneously, with the energies from the moment. Join her for her weekly  ART BREATH on location in places of wonder and wanderings of her heart.