The Smile Office is an incubator for:

the culture of now movement

We create inclusive, inspirational art projects & experiences to inspire you to live in the present moment & become aware of who you are & how you create your reality.  

We are. It is.  living joy

Exploring a new culture of being - a new culture of unleashing our super powers - living more of what we want to see in the world today, by being more of who we are.

 soul presence • heart first • creative intelligence  •  creative genius

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a smile gets you present, beaming, flowing, being.  

The Smile Office is the Heart.

We are a Wave of Oneness... and we are the swell at the same time. Life is a series of moments, there is no line of "reality".

We each can choose to surf how and where we want as we each create the part of the wave we are on, as our eternal self is the entirety of it.

The Quantum Leap is from the mind - thoughts or thinking > to the heart - Being... Living Presence.

Welcome to the CULTURE OF NOW. 

The Smile Office is an umbrella for Living Art Projects 

 unleashing super powers

The Now Culture is born here.

Chill and breathe - adopt a soft focus and notice you - in your body and your world... As you do this now, you're suddenly aware of your Now -  because it permeates everything - as do you! 

What if you didn't have to do or be anything but what made you happiest, what stirred your passion, what got you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

"my life purpose is joy"

We "spend" our days focusing on getting money, fear of not having, have to's, setting ourselves up to compete, judge, fight, hide, hate... that paradigm is an agenda for separation - not our highest good! Think about it - ARE YOU HAPPY?. 

We can make a new decision & act on it - like... now- 

"my life purpose is joy"- well! that changes everything!

We are. It is. 

encountering ourselves & each other creatively in the flow.... .in joy, fun, play, love, delight, oneness

The Smile Office is an awakening jewel - a glimmer of delight of an active imagination that knows itself to be alive to experience joy,

Belief is our foundation - What we believe to be true  is what we are and what we invest in as reality - is!  We can choose to embrace our delight, our vastness of possibilities, our dreams or our past, or our fears - this is the now as much as anything else we believe. FOCUS IS KEY.

 A Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift we are in right now engages a new movement of consciousness, demonstrating  a new social & cultural paradigm creating possibilities for the expansion of wholeness or "oneness" in daily life, within relationships, interactions and consciousness. A new paradigm of belief & possibility is now here. 

the smile wave...Our Philosophy - Smile! and Feel Better... Can it be as easy as a smile? This sounds trite, but it is not. There is an energy to it, there is an energy released, a smiling tsunami of heart energy, which changes how you feel instantly - and LIFE IS ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL

the smile office is your heart & smiling creates a new reality around you!  

This energy has creative power. It has an internal and external power. It connects us with others, even strangers - The internal effect - it brightens our inner world immediately - puts us in a new vibration, a new state of manifestation - it makes us present.  Being present in this moment with a higher energy.Can your whole life change just like that? with just one goal? To be happy in the moment?  Are you wondering what's possible?