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HERE ARE - Collected Consciousness and new belief science and research, interviews:

Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief

Incredible difference of conscious and subconscious mind - awareness of what the two sides do and how we live in the world.

Bruce Lipton - The Honeymoon Effect - Freedom to create perpetual joy, etc.


 The difference of Conscious and Subconscious mind - awareness of what the two sides do and how we live in the world. What does being mindful mean?

golden smile awards

The Smile Office promotes a culture of WE - living from LOVE not FEAR and is actively giving out golden "Smile Awards" to companies, yoga studios, organizations, schools, offices, BIA's, Hotels, stores and individuals who are actively inspiring more smiles, play and celebration into their world. 

Let's smile from our hearts! 

Being grateful & celebrate life!

Gregg Braden

When you go to his page - you will see notes above video telling you what he says at different minute markers - so you can watch some of it or all of it


Nassim Haramein - Resonance Project -  New Physics Prize -

 Earth Pilgrim - at 1:33 in the video Nassim begins to speak about spin and the truth about the Universe and our out dated model of it - and shares the new!

Jacob Barnett at TEDxTeen -Forget what you know: 

"forget everything you know! in order to succeed you have to look at everything in your own unique perspective"