WE COME TO YOU - Experience:
Interactive LIVE ART
what have I not gotten myself into these days?

what is my happiness edge?
do I have 'Enough joy" and then get back to "seriousness business" ?

Group Session Bookings
Note: These are experiencial events where only the group present is the focus.

bring a Smile Office Project 
into your space to experience the now reality, live!
Enter the tip of happiness. and roll around a bit - imagination is an interactive experience. 

"Imagine & ignite the miraculous within yourself!" - darinka blagaj
Journey with her & her team as they expand the boundaries of accepted reality - and move you into expanded experience of the now.
Discover the life of a creative intuitive who has lived in possibility for 30 years consciously. Explore Imagination as the creative genius within you. Everything in life communicates with you all the time. 
Experience  true moments of deep listening to yourself and how you feel. Notice the natural inspiration.

Come into your inner nature with an open heart & mind.


“Darinka is more than a visionary artist. Her work stretches beyond the canvas and into the soul. Her work as a facilitator with years of experience hosting art & related workshops having created an annual art festival, pays tribute to her commitment to building grass roots community. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her at the a Women's Leadership weekend conference in 2011 held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Her work is intuitive, tuning into the audience and progressive as she weaves sound, voice etc. to connect people to the present moment and open them to listening more deeply.” January 11, 2012   

Alexandra Leikermoser Founder, Yogagurl 

Event Bookings - via Contact page


Please contact us for a full break down and options for bookings

Specials: - FREE VIDEO to all participants

INTERVIEWS:  Radio, Skype, Internet radio, Telesummit, Goggle+ - see contact page,

Public Speaking Events            1-2 hr + travel, Half Day, Full Day

Private Speaking Events          2 hr + travel - Small groups 


Speaking Engagements "The Now Flow"
Interested in hearing about the NOW modalities
of Presence and actually experiencing an 
awakening together as a group - Book a 
Speaking Engagement with a difference.

The Now Plateau - Now Flow  
These are actual specific group bookings, where specifically those present will be addressed in the activation of unity consciousness.
"Uniting the energies of your gatherings, your company, your club - to experience a glorious new plateau - the "Now Flow"  This is the new way to attract and create as a group System of co-creators. A new way to play and work simultaneously.

Book a Dynamic Group Sessions
This is an active experiencial event with a group of people who want to work together on a project, concept or event with focused group synergy - within a new dynamic work/play model developed by the artist.

The Smile Office Hosts: playshop sessions