at The Smile Office

•• Next Session June 2018- We offer ongoing 2 week Genius Flow Mentorship Sessions

We engage your learning in playful ways. With our programs & projects, education is full of creativity, discovery, curiosity, experimentation, joy and play.

We focus on:

 Initiation, Intuition, Curiosity, Experience, Energywork, Creativity, Unity Consciousness

• Limited Enrolment

• Application Interview

Some of your experiences to choose from are:


• Talk Story Circles with Mentors 

• Art Salon Events

• ART Jams 

• Music Jams 

• Contact Improv Dance

• Nature Retreats & Hikes

• Chocolate Womb Experience

• Oneness - Heart Flow Sessions

 We believe learning is a natural, personal journey of curiosity, exposure to mentorship, cross-pollination, watching & being around creative leadership, experimentation there within & arousing natural creativity in being.

The natural result is letting go of self-judgement, expectation and striving, as inner flow, curiosity and natural engaging happens.