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Starlightlink - Genius Flow is a Creative Genius Initiation.  Sessions are very experiencial to initiate you into your creative flow. A personal ART BREATH approach - where you get to create through an independent study of your creating nature, and an in-person initiation into a profound aspect of your imagination & creator self.

be vibrant- imagineer your life - have a wonder experience!

We use and immersion process, created by visionary fine artist, Darinka Blagaj - to immerse you into the next level and expression of your being. Through your choice, discovery and exploration of your potential - potential you may not even know you have. We all create differently and we all have an innate vocabulary, an inner communication with our creative genius - our divine nature. This Program shows you how to tap into that aspect of you, awakens it, enhances it and places it at your disposal to imagine & create actively in your world.

Is is just about making art?  More!

It is about you and your beliefs, about what you allow - knowingly or unknowingly. It is about awareness and presence and now to take you there.

The Session are Flexible

We are offering these sessions to "seekers" - individuals who are keen about using their imagination to imagineer their lives. If you have a poor imagination or have been told you have an "over-active" imagination, through these sessions you will find your personal truth for what imagineering means to you.

We created an experiencial hands-on method, you will play and release from the strong-hold of limited beliefs either gathered in school or elsewhere and apply new experiences of creating, new theories and principles of quantum expansion and personal growth. We use a growing from the inside out model. 

creative flow To experience your unique expression you need some space, time and a chance to experience yourself being - without agenda. The mechanics require an active imagination. To activate your imagination, you play.

Yes it's simple. and when are you doing it daily?

within the fine arts, music and creative arts - this is not to make you an artist (though that may happen) - it is to open your own unique vocabulary of expression without judgement - that which is unique to you. These tools and new modalities can be applied in many fields of endeavour. They are a comprehensive foundation from which to grow your unique creativity and manifestation.

We all need creative flow to be a part of our lives. Engaging your creative genius is a critical tool for happiness.

2017 Genius FLOW is now accepting students for our 3 month program. An emersion process .

The Process We Use is an immersion process - to immerse you into your next level of being. Through your choice, discovery and exploration of your potential - potential you may not even know you have - 

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