The Smile Office Brand

A brand that focuses our attention on our expansion and our unity as a human family.
Focus on our hearts and our feelings of unity or oneness
Focus our attention on self-love and presence in the moment

Toronto has a new "culture-making" hub. Seeded 3 years ago in a secret coachouse, The Smile Office - Living Art Centre was f
ounded & developed by international fine artist Darinka Blagaj - it acts as a seeding hub for the Culture of Now - creating innovative programs, playshops, seminars, events and experiences to implement a Culture of Now.

The Culture of Now focuses our attention on a new way to be in the world and a new way to be within ourselves and our lives.

present moment is the key focus 

ART meets Cultural Activism and New Culture Making

A space where clear joy energies surround you through paintings and drawings. A place for an Art Breath. A place where the - encouraging you to feel and choose to do what brings you joy. Choosing this joy in each moment and getting used to this new navigation is the gift of the Smile Office.

Be an ARTrepreneur!

Join in with The Smile Brand - Let's partner up! Contribute to the rise of global happiness!

Participate in new Innovation

Join the Wave of Oneness

The Smile Office Brand is devoted to joy and the rise of global happiness.  Find it on shirts, jeans, sweaters, individual patches, upcycled clothing and goods.

happy footprint projects

Partner with us by bringing a "Happy Footprint" global happiness Project to your space or event, These are creative centred experiences which add to your events, meetings, gatherings, celebrations - from Inspiration Pop-Ups to fully developed programs.

• POP-UPS • art installations • artist speaker • artist presenter • lunch  series  • chocolate womb  •  PoetTree •  • Art Breath experiences  •  MUSEology  •  Art Salon • playshops • healing playshops • contact improv dance • crystal healing  •  trust games • creative surges • host live music • concerts • creative music jams

Choose to partner with us to liven up your events, teams, gatherings, Trade Shows & sprinkle them with smile office fun!

Bring us to your:  conference, company, charity, workplace, community, yoga centre, institute, club, association, neighbourhood, etc.

Impact the lives of those around you with more joy, peace, creativity and inner happiness.

Find out more by contacting us - via the contact page.