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The Smile Office - Co-Creation ART EXPRESSION

Posted by thesmileoffice on Monday, November 22, 2010
Awareness of Co-Creation
A gift like no other - realizing that daily life is our ART PROJECT> Every moment counts. There is choice every moment. That's is why we are FREE NOW.

LIKE: Choosing what operating system to run on - here are some options:
I believe I am supported by life, and everything is here for my growth and support.
I believe everything happens for the greatest good/or greatest purpose.
I believe everyone/everything is a gift.
There are many other examples we have chosen... like giving away our attention and power to the tv news, other people's beliefs that we do not resonate with and so on.

Asking for what I want. Allowing a space for it to come in, accepting it when it does.

In creating ART - co-creating LIFE:
this can mean going forward with no idea, no pre-conceived image or determined project. There is an opening with INTENTION. The intention can come from a feeling of being supported in all things and allowing an image to come out of this - organically. Allowing living moments to grow, making space for this.

Co-Creating life by partnering with those we love and working with them - together in an energy field of come-unity.
more soon! love THE SMILE OFFICE!

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