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The Happy Footprint

Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Under: Happy Footprint
The video is on the "news" page... and the idea is simple and you can take part with your attention.

Sharing gratitude and appreciation with each other and anchoring this deep into the centre of Mother Earth... each day align yourself to the same frequency as Mother Earth - align all your cells, all your organs, all your energy bodies to vibrate at the same frequency as our Mother. In this way you are making a "Happy Footprint" sharing in heart radiance.

Spread the news and be part of the sharing:
Find out about donating to The Smile Office's "Happy Footprint' project - email:
If you know a hotel or company who would like to put the Smile Office Projects on their support list let us know - We are here making a difference each day adding love, happines & joy to the equation of life on the transforming Earth.

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