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Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Under: TELL ME

TELL ME - is a now platform for exchange - you may not know much about me, the artist, the smile office so I will Tell You.
I have been painting and drawing the energy of presence within a 30 year international art career. Yes I make my living - art. I live intuitively and I focus on imagining my life. I have had 2 near deaths - which I refer to as upgrades, one at the age of 5 and the other soon after my 34th birthday. I have two incredible children and a body of artwork that stretches many boundaries and land directly in the presence of being.

I live in the real world of ME - that of constant imagining and creation and sometimes I live in the world I have already created through past thoughts (the one you all see around you when you look at it and focus on it).  I must admit - the world of past thoughts does not bring me joy much of the time - though I do appreciate beauty, caring, colour, relationship, great food, and the inspiration of others and realization of others' dreams.

With the near deaths I've had, I have full memory and full feeling sensation in my body of these adventures. They were moments "out of time" and I am sure you have had your own moments when you have glimpsed behind the "veil of illusion" - these moments are like little anchor points or feeling "oneness" - that incredible and undenying sensation of complete and total presence with all that is - everything being one energy.

I trust life is here for me and so I listen to my heart and the adventures it wants to experience. I love to expand within adventure.
I birthed my son (my first child) on a remote Hawaiian Island with no doctor or midwife.I went there with my husband at the time, and we did not know anyone on the island. Just had a name of a friend of a friend.We wrote a book about this experience - I have recently decided to add more chapters to fill in the story from 18 years later.-  I love to inspire others - it is fun to feel & fuel the growing of wild nature. It IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT.

My life is and has been a journey of imagination in action - Also you'll find I am working on a chapter by chapter - TELL ME- eBook - a series I created as a new forum for writing and sharing dynamic real life transformation stories.

Excited to do more public speaking and interviews, I have done quite a few and they are miraculous experiences as I activate the energy of awake presence and people feel this and respond immediately. You can be part of these groups - find out at - TELL ME page.

I love to live in and deliver the juicy moment and interact from the space of now.

Life is for play and the more we engage in it, the more fun it is for all.

play on! with love from Darinka, The Smile Office!


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