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Artist Speaks - The Art of Darinka Blagaj

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, September 18, 2015, In : Artist Speaks 

"Artmaking for me is a journey. Like all of us, I can share what I am. In my work you encounter timelessness, life force energy, an experience of oneness, an engaging of spirit & nature. My gift is to use the languages of colour, line, shadow, form and through intention within the spontaneous moment share awareness & consciousness through them. My desire is to live, work and play for the love and expansion of life, within a win win paradigm. 

Creating moves through me, this flow is a language ...

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Ron Gutman - Smiling is measurable!

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, May 27, 2011,

this is incredible - we are living in such glorious times!  love love love
smile smile smile and break out laughing - what the heck!

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La Belle Vert - Is an increedible film - it will shake your world in the best way possible - watch it all on youtube - 9 parts - english subtitles.

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