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imagine divinity in action

Posted by thesmileoffice on Sunday, September 2, 2012, In : imagine living divinity 
Imagine a world of oneness ... co-creative, supportive collectives, come-unity initiatives and centres, businesses, YES- mega - "green" businesses, operator-owned initiatives, yes BIG companies too where people follow their hearts, do what's right for themselves and the Earth, tell the truth, stay on their path, Listen to their soul - be divinity in action. Imagine a world of healthy people who live from INNER PEACE and ALLOW DIVINITY to flow through in each moment, living abundantly in peace...
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We are THE ONE with the earth

Posted by thesmileoffice on Saturday, May 28, 2011, In : Energy Flows 
What each of us is here to be - we just are... our expansion relies on our giving permission to expand. Along with this expansion comes healing, acceptance, letting go, forgiving, and most fun of all - noticing that everything is here for us as we create it.

Smiling to yourself 100 x a day is you giving yourself a boost - a lift - your soul can shine through in those subtle moments and that giving to ourselves expands into our life giving to us, drawing to us that what we want...

This is the e...
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Smiling Initiative

Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, In : Smiling Meditation 
It's so simple... to meet someone with a smile - and really smile... that is when we can share our soul level a communication of... oneness.
Look deeply into someone's eyes by being deep in your own heart.

Smiling Initiative - Do the smiling meditation:
Sit with eyes closed and breath deeply and smile to yourself.
Now imagine 11 people appearing infront of you (you can be the first person or the last).
Each person begins to smile, the smile broadens to a full "heart smile" when their eyes spar...
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La Belle Vert - Is an increedible film - it will shake your world in the best way possible - watch it all on youtube - 9 parts - english subtitles.

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