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Flow - A Culture of Now - Darinka Blagaj

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, September 18, 2015, In : Artist Speaks 
When the void is so clearly permeating my consciousness - I delve in.  I do want to address the difference between ideas of "the dark side". One idea is that which the ego mind makes up - it is a place of unknown and fear and the other is the actual void - the divine feminine - the place that is also unknown because there - all is possible:  anything and everything to be created.

With Flow, I have placed myself into the deeper realms of the feminine - in and out of form and played within the d...
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Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, May 12, 2015, In : TELL ME 

TELL ME - is a now platform for exchange - you may not know much about me, the artist, the smile office so I will Tell You.
I have been painting and drawing the energy of presence within a 30 year international art career. Yes I make my living - art. I live intuitively and I focus on imagining my life. I have had 2 near deaths - which I refer to as upgrades, one at the age of 5 and the other soon after my 34th birthday. I have two incredible children and a body of artwork that stretche...

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imagine divinity in action

Posted by thesmileoffice on Sunday, September 2, 2012, In : imagine living divinity 
Imagine a world of oneness ... co-creative, supportive collectives, come-unity initiatives and centres, businesses, YES- mega - "green" businesses, operator-owned initiatives, yes BIG companies too where people follow their hearts, do what's right for themselves and the Earth, tell the truth, stay on their path, Listen to their soul - be divinity in action. Imagine a world of healthy people who live from INNER PEACE and ALLOW DIVINITY to flow through in each moment, living abundantly in peace...
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Inspiration to be happy - feel happy, laugh, warm and fuzzy

Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, In : Energy Flows

first watch the dancedance Toronto video - it is really warm and fuzzy feeling.   breath and allow this feeling to grow.

take the time to smell a glorious flower - you will pass one on the street - herbs count! I just smelled a rosemary tiny leaf - whew - cleared my head!

When you get the butterfly and "nervous" feeling or goose bumps - go with it and know that something amazing is happening as this energy collects to be used  for a newness you have not experienced just...
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Energy FLows - SPace

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, September 30, 2011, In : Energy Flows 
Set aside all you know about yourself and begin to just be - experience yourself as if you didn't know you.

A new operating system requires a shut down of the old.

SPace - is about a new pace -a different PACE - Helpful moments of deep exploring for no reason.

Happiness for no reason, appreciation for the sake of it.

This all creates space for the new to walk into our lives.


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Posted by thesmileoffice on Thursday, September 22, 2011, In : Energy Flows 
Our intention is infinitely more powerful each day. This practice of smiling, allowing and being in the NOW is making huge changes in each of our lives and as a collective. Our cells are changing every second! and what excitement when we begin to flex this new muscle of conscious presence and ask our minds to remind us to be greateful and to look for abundance in all things and be grateful.

I am so excited. Vulnerability has come back into my awareness - how powerful it feels when I am vulnera...
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Here NOW

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, April 8, 2011, In : Energy Flows 
- I want you to consider this: somehow a deep inspiration has hold of my fingers and is typing this for you (and me obviously)
..."going in", means being present to each moment and now and now and now...- it is not a waiting game or a clearing or anything of the sort... it is simply exercising a new muscle that has revealed itself suddenly present!.

we have spent a looooooong while developing our brain in a tiny quadrant called the ego... and now - lo and behold more of our brain is availa...
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La Belle Vert - Is an increedible film - it will shake your world in the best way possible - watch it all on youtube - 9 parts - english subtitles.

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