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Posted by thesmileoffice on Thursday, December 23, 2010, In : Energy Flows 
Let yourself sleep, rest, just be... lie around...give yourself permission to sink into the ground, sand, carpet, wood floor, the earth.... this is a time to breathe  into all the places we hold fears and just let them gooooooo.....

if you have an exercise ball to roll on roll around and around, move your furniture - nothing is more important than you resting, relaxing, chillaxing...breathing deeeeeeeeeeeeply!

Give yourself a treat and just take a walk for no reason... and smile all the way! Be...
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Smiling Initiative

Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, In : Smiling Meditation 
It's so simple... to meet someone with a smile - and really smile... that is when we can share our soul level a communication of... oneness.
Look deeply into someone's eyes by being deep in your own heart.

Smiling Initiative - Do the smiling meditation:
Sit with eyes closed and breath deeply and smile to yourself.
Now imagine 11 people appearing infront of you (you can be the first person or the last).
Each person begins to smile, the smile broadens to a full "heart smile" when their eyes spar...
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La Belle Vert - Is an increedible film - it will shake your world in the best way possible - watch it all on youtube - 9 parts - english subtitles.

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