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Smiling Initiative

Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Under: Smiling Meditation

Smiling Initiative

It's so simple... to meet someone with a smile - and really smile... that is when we can share our soul level a communication of... oneness.
Look deeply into someone's eyes by being deep in your own heart.

Smiling Initiative - Do the smiling meditation:
Sit with eyes closed and breath deeply and smile to yourself.
Now imagine 11 people appearing infront of you (you can be the first person or the last).
Each person begins to smile, the smile broadens to a full "heart smile" when their eyes sparkle and you can feel life energy (love, flow) flowing from them to you and your life energy flowing to them simultaneously.
This is sharing a soul level moment... a oneness.
Stay in this smile for a minute or so and then see a different person appear infront of you - do this with 11 people.

We are building energy together - a connection of peace and harmony.
Pass this on to friends & family everywhere.


We are celebrating the LIGHT WITHIN and share it - to create a new paradigm to live in.
Share this with at least 11 people who all actively delight in this meditation.

Worldwide Event Coming Soon... keep connected to this blog!
Thank you - We love you! The Smile Office - working for LIFE!

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