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SMILING Experiemnt #1 - Energy ONLY FLOWS where attention goes...being human

Posted by thesmileoffice on Monday, November 29, 2010 Under: Energy Flows
Try Experiment #1 - really appreciate all your humanness right now - today make a note of really loving things about yourself... how vulnerable you are... how much every person is growing right now - growing from where we are to where we are focusing to.

SMILE to yourself deeply from your heart and feel love flowing to you- your love... NOW see people coming towards you and see them emit their deepest heart smile, bathe in it with them, smile with this each day for 3 days. Imagine 11 people a day - could be anyone, children, friends, family or people you don't know yet. Takes less than 5 minutes - Bask in the de-light!

NEW Mind synapses each split second, new pathways are being made with lightening speed and all we focus on GROWS... and E X P A N D S....

Only by appreciating within this moment can we grow more appreciation...only feeling grateful for the abundance in this moment can we grow more abundance....only through feeling our love can we receive & share more love

Only by opening loving within each of our selves can we grow more loving in our world... IT'S AN INSIDE JOB!!! and we are doing it right now!

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WE ARE IN ON IT TOGETHER!.... loving you... The Smile Office!

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