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Posted by thesmileoffice on Thursday, December 23, 2010 Under: Energy Flows
Let yourself sleep, rest, just be... lie around...give yourself permission to sink into the ground, sand, carpet, wood floor, the earth.... this is a time to breathe  into all the places we hold fears and just let them gooooooo.....

if you have an exercise ball to roll on roll around and around, move your furniture - nothing is more important than you resting, relaxing, chillaxing...breathing deeeeeeeeeeeeply!

Give yourself a treat and just take a walk for no reason... and smile all the way! Because  weather you know it or not, feel it or not - you being relaxed is very important... you are right this moment in a process of deep transformation and you let it happen by just lying low right now.

We love you! Happiness - the smile office!

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