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Sound Vocal Massage - Message

January 26, 2011
A new sound nibble - The Smile Office is traveling to the desert! Here is the journey song to deepen the connection with mother earth and each other - aligning with Earth's frequency deeply is what we are doing now - with all our organs, all our cells, all our energy bodies - lightbodies come to mother Earth's frequency. This is an easy way to feel completely supported.
ahhh yes, the shoulders drop! Wow sometimes we don't even know we've got them sticking up to our ears! ahhhhh yes rest!


December 23, 2010
Let yourself sleep, rest, just be... lie around...give yourself permission to sink into the ground, sand, carpet, wood floor, the earth.... this is a time to breathe  into all the places we hold fears and just let them gooooooo.....

if you have an exercise ball to roll on roll around and around, move your furniture - nothing is more important than you resting, relaxing, chillaxing...breathing deeeeeeeeeeeeply!

Give yourself a treat and just take a walk for no reason... and smile all the way! Be...
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Sound Nibble - Transforming your cells with more light

December 7, 2010

Close you eyes, put a deep smile in your heart and face and listen.

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Sound Nibble - Opening more & receiving in your root chakra

December 7, 2010

Listen to this by first putting a smile on... and letting the tones of the voice in.
The smile office

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Smiling Initiative

November 30, 2010
It's so simple... to meet someone with a smile - and really smile... that is when we can share our soul level a communication of... oneness.
Look deeply into someone's eyes by being deep in your own heart.

Smiling Initiative - Do the smiling meditation:
Sit with eyes closed and breath deeply and smile to yourself.
Now imagine 11 people appearing infront of you (you can be the first person or the last).
Each person begins to smile, the smile broadens to a full "heart smile" when their eyes spar...
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SMILING Experiemnt #1 - Energy ONLY FLOWS where attention goes...being human

November 29, 2010
Try Experiment #1 - really appreciate all your humanness right now - today make a note of really loving things about yourself... how vulnerable you are... how much every person is growing right now - growing from where we are to where we are focusing to.

SMILE to yourself deeply from your heart and feel love flowing to you- your love... NOW see people coming towards you and see them emit their deepest heart smile, bathe in it with them, smile with this each day for 3 days. Imagine 1...
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The Smile Office - Co-Creation ART EXPRESSION

November 22, 2010
Awareness of Co-Creation
A gift like no other - realizing that daily life is our ART PROJECT> Every moment counts. There is choice every moment. That's is why we are FREE NOW.

LIKE: Choosing what operating system to run on - here are some options:
I believe I am supported by life, and everything is here for my growth and support.
I believe everything happens for the greatest good/or greatest purpose.
I believe everyone/everything is a gift.
There are many other examples we have chose...
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La Belle Vert - Is an increedible film - it will shake your world in the best way possible - watch it all on youtube - 9 parts - english subtitles.

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