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Energy FLows - SPace

September 30, 2011
Set aside all you know about yourself and begin to just be - experience yourself as if you didn't know you.

A new operating system requires a shut down of the old.

SPace - is about a new pace -a different PACE - Helpful moments of deep exploring for no reason.

Happiness for no reason, appreciation for the sake of it.

This all creates space for the new to walk into our lives.



September 22, 2011
Our intention is infinitely more powerful each day. This practice of smiling, allowing and being in the NOW is making huge changes in each of our lives and as a collective. Our cells are changing every second! and what excitement when we begin to flex this new muscle of conscious presence and ask our minds to remind us to be greateful and to look for abundance in all things and be grateful.

I am so excited. Vulnerability has come back into my awareness - how powerful it feels when I am vulnera...
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We are THE ONE with the earth

May 28, 2011
What each of us is here to be - we just are... our expansion relies on our giving permission to expand. Along with this expansion comes healing, acceptance, letting go, forgiving, and most fun of all - noticing that everything is here for us as we create it.

Smiling to yourself 100 x a day is you giving yourself a boost - a lift - your soul can shine through in those subtle moments and that giving to ourselves expands into our life giving to us, drawing to us that what we want...

This is the e...
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Ron Gutman - Smiling is measurable!

May 27, 2011

this is incredible - we are living in such glorious times!  love love love
smile smile smile and break out laughing - what the heck!

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Breathe into your belly!

May 26, 2011
Check out the video on the side of Sue Morter - what an inspiring talk - so incredible - feel your heart and breathe in to your belly and feel what it is you really want....keep breathingit in and exhale your belly out fully... I began to laugh and cry spontaneously! No more waiting - keep breathing - I am with you! love love love from the smile office!

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Here NOW

April 8, 2011
- I want you to consider this: somehow a deep inspiration has hold of my fingers and is typing this for you (and me obviously)
..."going in", means being present to each moment and now and now and now...- it is not a waiting game or a clearing or anything of the sort... it is simply exercising a new muscle that has revealed itself suddenly present!.

we have spent a looooooong while developing our brain in a tiny quadrant called the ego... and now - lo and behold more of our brain is availa...
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Wake Up Smiling!

March 17, 2011
When you first feel yourself waking, smile... just smile to yourself... and feel it deepen you and lift your heart. Do this many times a day while awake... smiling instantly lifts your heart frequency and this changes your breathing...

Breathing deeply allows you rest and trust and letting your God-self out to play. To radiate more love and life through you.

Smile with your heart, practise!
It keeps your action inspired and let's you choose to not react... it is our reactions which determine our...
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Clearing Technique offered - energywork online!

March 3, 2011
As the Spring Equinox approaches so does the inner clearing.
Need help with your energy clearing? Get in touch with the Smile Office, send us an email and we can help.

Sessions offered online with a time slot booking.
Incredibly reasonalbe
And very quick - bookings are only 5 minutes long! Transforamtion continues long after that time.

Clear away emotions, thoughts, binges, habits, especially that which challenges your peace of mind and heart.

thesmileoffice at gmail dot com


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Keep looking at what you want to see...

March 3, 2011
Before this Equinox energy comes upon us: a little preparation could be a welcome surprise. Here are a few bits of inspiration: As spring nears...
- do a walkabout... for no reason, just be prrrresent.
- open your ears - I heard the most beautiful birds singing yesterday and what a sweet sound after so long without them!
- be grateful for everything, be specific when you really are experiencing something that lifts you...
- energy passing through you - notice when you are figuring it out and le...
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The Happy Footprint

February 1, 2011
The video is on the "news" page... and the idea is simple and you can take part with your attention.

Sharing gratitude and appreciation with each other and anchoring this deep into the centre of Mother Earth... each day align yourself to the same frequency as Mother Earth - align all your cells, all your organs, all your energy bodies to vibrate at the same frequency as our Mother. In this way you are making a "Happy Footprint" sharing in heart radiance.

Spread the news and be part of the shari...
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La Belle Vert - Is an increedible film - it will shake your world in the best way possible - watch it all on youtube - 9 parts - english subtitles.

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