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Lubricant for Your Life - The SMile Office is your Heart

Posted by thesmileoffice on Thursday, May 7, 2015 Under: The Smile Office
"This one is a lubricant for your life" Saeng-Fah Graham, London, Thailand, New York, Toronto

Those are the words a fellow Smile Office lover wrote - and they have made my heart sing. Celebration is the lubricant of life, and that is what The Smile Office in your heart inspires! The greatest joy is in the knowing, thus trusting in love, in being within the flowing  - if you believe it or not - you're still within it - maybe not having quite as much fun as when you do believe it.

I know I was well awake for a long time now, I have been painting my future for almost 30 years.
But I came from a culture that had not factored in compassion - somehow it was missing in my life.  A strong work ethic, knowledge, fear, tension, not speaking up for oneself - yup that all got factored in - but compassion - nahhh... so I did a loop.

I had been awake for years and so I looped back after my separation & divorce wondering if I missed something in my evolutionary trajectory. Yes i sank down deep into lack, anger, rage, shock, imposition, isolation, self pity, guilt, shame and so on - once you're in that frequency there doesn't seem to be a life jacket in sight. When I re-surfaced a few years later - and I mean from the inner dialogue that went on when i was not with other people - I found myself quite firmly in the soft and slow ease of now.

I had developed and opened The SMile Office in that dark time, it was my lifejacket - I had no idea that putting it on - a smile, I mean - could actually surface me back within the flow...... "lubricant for your life". I mean I was never out of the flow of life - I was just choosing to fixate - imagine staring down a seed you just planted and screaming at it to grow. Or being in a bank, no one in line ahead of you and the one teller that is without a customer decides to ignore you because sending emails is more engaging - no amount of staring and insisting is going to get her attention.

Ahhh, we are subtle. Angst is compelling, but not much fun. Anxiety is like dead kale in the fridge - wet, stinky and always such a disappointment. I can feel my higher self take a walk to the beach when I engage in anxiety - by I. I mean the unawake part of me - the part of me that thinks it runs the show, the limited view me, that one pressed to the edge of "reality".  Why do I put that word in quotes? 

Because there is no one reality. In any moment there are kazillions to choose from. 
its late, more tomorrow - with love from inside The Smile Office.

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