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Posted by thesmileoffice on Thursday, March 3, 2011 Under: Energy Flows
Before this Equinox energy comes upon us: a little preparation could be a welcome surprise. Here are a few bits of inspiration: As spring nears...
- do a walkabout... for no reason, just be prrrresent.
- open your ears - I heard the most beautiful birds singing yesterday and what a sweet sound after so long without them!
- be grateful for everything, be specific when you really are experiencing something that lifts you...
- energy passing through you - notice when you are figuring it out and let it pass through - it is just energy, not good, not bad, just energy passing through, let go of figuring it out.
- give yourself love - a pat on the back for no reason, a smile because you exist, warmth with your heart for just you being.
- stop reactions- and begin inspired action... not should just wow yes "I'd love to do that!"

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