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Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, April 8, 2011 Under: Energy Flows
- I want you to consider this: somehow a deep inspiration has hold of my fingers and is typing this for you (and me obviously)
..."going in", means being present to each moment and now and now and now...- it is not a waiting game or a clearing or anything of the sort... it is simply exercising a new muscle that has revealed itself suddenly present!.

we have spent a looooooong while developing our brain in a tiny quadrant called the ego... and now - lo and behold more of our brain is available - YET we do not KNOW HOW to use it... because we need a paradigm shift - upgrade whatever so we can use it NOW... because, of course, though we think we are waiting for something to be over - guess what - it is STILL NOW...

This shift is perceptual and the activity of going in - means be present. It may be that many of us have truly extra-sensitive perception and feel everyone on the planet as if we are somehow responsible to fix 'em... (ahh... an obvious ego idea) yet that is not our job. We are here to be, to expand and we are here for "ourselves" to listen to (ie. turn down the dial of what everyone else needs and turn up the dial of what we each need)- to feel our Heart's Desire ...what is that? it is the feeling of expansion when we feel something that is within our true nature - our connection/oneness... to me it feels like i am being propelled towards it/it comes towards me simultaneously - the something - feels easy,,,flowing...  it's always coming towards us ... no need to hunt it down... it is on its way to me to /you already -

Saying YES and not judging anything at all is the key... how the heck can our little brain part - the ego - guess what is in creation's flow for us?? Impossible! We are here to trust and thrust ourselves fully into the YES - SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME.... it is just one moment and another moment  - that's why there is no time and that is how there is no time - just now... WEEEEEEE

I am happy you are reading this - makes my typing fingers joyful!
be love and i am here too... being love darinka

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