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Flow - A Culture of Now - Darinka Blagaj

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, September 18, 2015 Under: Artist Speaks

Flow - A Culture of Now - Darinka Blagaj

When the void is so clearly permeating my consciousness - I delve in.  I do want to address the difference between ideas of "the dark side". One idea is that which the ego mind makes up - it is a place of unknown and fear and the other is the actual void - the divine feminine - the place that is also unknown because there - all is possible:  anything and everything to be created.

With Flow, I have placed myself into the deeper realms of the feminine - in and out of form and played within the depths. Motion, emotion, passion, exploring the feeling of pure presence. In this painting I restricted my colour palette and I just focused on the depth and density of playing with this one radiant field.

Surges of energy came through me with the exhilaration of allowing a simple expression, a consistent pulse.

This painting is called The Blue and you can experience it at The Smile Office Studios

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