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Artist Speaks - The Art of Darinka Blagaj

Posted by thesmileoffice on Friday, September 18, 2015 Under: Artist Speaks

"Artmaking for me is a journey. Like all of us, I can share what I am. In my work you encounter timelessness, life force energy, an experience of oneness, an engaging of spirit & nature. My gift is to use the languages of colour, line, shadow, form and through intention within the spontaneous moment share awareness & consciousness through them. My desire is to live, work and play for the love and expansion of life, within a win win paradigm. 

Creating moves through me, this flow is a language of its own - it is me - I open the channel wide and I let love flow! My works appear in various media:  paintings, drawings, performance art, installation art, poetry, and music & vocal works - live and on video. SOmetimes I will just paint one painting in the flow that I am in - another may appear may years later in that same flow, I do not work in series, I work in the moment of living.

The first imagery that came through me was figurative - “goddess” energy - anthropomorphic themes, dream states, totem animals, mythical characters. A new twist on Goddess frequency began to energy - i was not copying imagery of old - it was a "now" source that I tapped into.- they were about 10' -12' tall. I was always running out of space on the papers I was using taping one next to another. I had no idea at first how big they were.  I was not working from the stayed concept of a figure “posing”, I could feel and express energies that I could feel and sense from the larger make-up of each human being sitting in front of me. Away from the intellectual and technical approach to artmaking, I feel guided when birthing a multi-dimensional being on a 2-D surface - tapping into a new context for form, a quantum understanding and expression of parallel realities and the essence of life and living/beingness.

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