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art breath in the boardroom....take a break to create!

Posted by thesmileoffice on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Under: Art Breath
art breath....take a break to create!
Artist Darinka Blagaj has a new venture in the works - she is stepping into boardrooms everywhere looking for unleashed talent and expression. We are all so used to the spoken and written word, the snappy dialogue in sitcoms, the power struggles, personal dynamics which exist in most jobs and work places, but what if.... we all stopped and took a breath, a moment to be with ourselves, in our own expressive space? A moment to re-calibrate, to drop the ball, to just play and let the creative energies have a new voice to speak through each one of us? A creative and open forum to express in, release in and then to create in...with the safety of knowing it wasn't about competition, it was for us -  about personal communication - from us to us?

This is what founder and international fine artist Darinka Blagaj calls an art breath... a time out to speak with your own heart. That forgotten organ that keeps us alive each moment, never complaining about having to beat all day. So simple to connect with our breath and allow ourselves flow with colour, line, movement, sounding.

 "Integrating the whole being is what we are missing in the current system of performance within specialized and often narrow mediums." says Blagaj. It is time to bring art making into the boardroom! Give employees and mangers time to let down their defences and be people together. People who awaken to their potential do so as they allow themselves to flourish within a creative, possible expectant new space and time. The benefits to companies are exponential!" 

What is your deepest curiosity about your heart and its resonance? With artmaking... ie creation energies, the term "Ask and you shall receive." is a fulfilment. The act of free flow creating is self- communication. A divine act of come-union.
That is why meditation, the quieting of mind is so beneficial. The stillness is a place one lets go of judgement, and we accept presence, or being. Creating takes you the next step.

Join us for the next segment tomorrow.


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