• the art of presence •

Darinka is a " translator of light" - a visionary artist, a colour master who creates drawings and paintings of magnitude imbued with love as downloads of new energetics.   

The Art pieces pulse a multi-dimensional energy into any space they are placed, activating "codes of light " acting as energy portals which awaken f l o w  consciousness, presence, expansion & possibility in the heart of the viewer.

Join the invitation for  unity consciousness, feel a joyous joie de vivre when you experience this art.

Pls also see www.artdarinka.com

artist statement

"Catching our soul essence in the glittering of an eye."

“Enter these works and allow yourself to feel - a journey into the heart centre of the divine feminine. The dance of life is found at the core of my work - the passionate colours of freedom, joy, play, inspiration, awareness & expansion in an organic expression of the moment.

Multi-dimensional art offers an experience of the subtle and the energetic - a pure communication to the heart. Like the growing of a flower, or the movement of the wind, each art work nourishes your subtle knowing of the deep love which permeates everything in self-blessing”  db

The Birth of a new Culture of Presence

Now is... Herstory

Darinka Blagaj’s international fine art career spans more than 3 decades, with over 55 solos exhibitions around the world. Her clients are varied from multi-millionaires to waiters & waitresses, to companies & corporate collections. Her story stems back to the early 80’s - 90’s in the Queen Street West area in Toronto, Railway Street in Vancouver, and the Lower East side of Manhattan NYC. Her daily adventures brought her in contact with a wide array of experimental culture & people, giving her places and inspiration to create fine art, performance art & installation art. Through a daily momentum of drawing, painting and writing for up to 18 hours a day, Darinka eased deeply into her intuitive flow.- a clear channel to her divine source  became her trademark. Her career is an exploration of this invitation and allowing her creative flow in the moment without imposition, or judgement and through it she has encountered the central reservoir which delivers personal transformation and unity consciousness.

Not knowing what she was about to paint, and moving forward into a dance with the blank canvas and the blank page - the void: Darinka's raw nerves unlock and ignite the portal of innocence making her works vehicles of transformation and direct self-awareness for the viewer. These are the ah ha moments, as a viewer, when you are faced with raw nerves, or another being's truth - your mind is ignited by your feelings, creating new synapses to process this loaded visual vocabulary. This is the impact of her movement, "A Culture of Now". which she shares through her visual works and her public performance art works and public engagement projects through The Smile Office.

Over her 30 year career, the works do not hold one "style" or motif - yes, the "divine feminine" is a major player, yet once you see and experience a Darinka painting or drawing - you recognize the "energy signature" of allowing. Few artists imbue space with such joy, hope, healing and peace.

Internationally  exhibiting for 10 years prior to her family life, Darinka Blagaj has lived a wild bohemian adventure, listening to her heart. Two near deaths contributed much "energetic upgrade" to her understanding of the fabric of reality. As a mother of two, she homeschooled her children for 10 years, creating with life on a daily basis. She has an ongoing love affair with the earth, the elementals, and the unseen world - the void -  of her creative imagination, and an intuitive approach to the collective expanding awareness of humanity.

Currently, she has "unpacked" her 30 year career in the centre of the City of Toronto in the Yorkville/Annex area at The Smile Office. Her works are collected in private and public collections in Canada, the U.S., Japan, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, U.K., Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany and France. 

The Divine Feminine, Oil paint, Canvas 

& Drawing Charcoal on Paper

As subject matter the divine feminine is a constant theme in my works, (though not exclusively) expressing within it the strength of spirit, beauty, harmony - the beings are super-sized- the being's eyes hold the “life-essence”. The “alive eyes” are very captivating and a trademark of my work. They are accompanied with my sometimes bold, sometimes soft vine charcoal lines, or blurred hand rubbings of colours with cloth to create the forms you experience. 

"To express in fluid line, or gesture  gives me great joy - the feeling of a being's moment alive -  the spark of the divine within -the quality of presence - be they incarnated humans or multi-dimensional beings, I feel for this vibration."