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Personal Intuitive Resourcing Bookings 
Personal Intuitive Resourcing
A coaching series like no other... beyond what to do and how to do it. This series is about BEING MORE YOU, easily, effortlessly. Let your life take a quantum leap in your favour.

Choose Your Options
• One Session  $300/ 1.5 hrs

• Series 1.5hrs each session
Milkweed (3 sessions)      $750
Spring      (5 sessions)       $1,200

For those who wish to offer a full commitment of accelerated awakening,  & crafting through creativity
• Monthly Retainers• are available:

Crystal           $1,200/m - Minimum 3 month contract
5 sessions  x 1.5 hrs - On location at The Smile Office.

Ignite             $2,500/m -  Minimum 3 month contract
8 sessions  x 2 hrs - on location at The Smile Office (2 can be at your location)
Accelerate your journey, art making included with the artist

Diamond      $5,000/m - Minimum 3 month contract
4 sessions  x 3.5hrs  Private Retreats at The Smile Office
(value $1,500 ea.) Include art making with the artist
2 sessions x 1.5hrs at your choice location
- Accelerate your Quantum Leap - this is the cream of the crop of the retainer series.

Smile Culture Art Salons

Culture of Now Art Movement 

Models "A Culture of Presence"  a new paradigm of creating for creators.  

•  Infuse your retreats, gatherings and events, conferences with Smile Culture Art Salons

•  The Art Salons are creative adventures in cross pollination - where we bring a group of artist and facilitators who activate creativity, presence, fun, and possibilities within your gatherings.

Opening new paradigms of belief, engaging a new creativity, curiosity.Giving an experience of a new way of making choices, experiences of awareness and options.

We host Smile Culture Art Salons at The SMILE OFFICE and we come to your location, your conference and your events.

Let us bring your community together in a new and exciting way.

Booking Art Salons

Choose from a hand picked MENU of innovative cream of the crop artists, performers and inspirational personal Intuitive Resource personnel.

play, focus on presence, creativity & possibilities.

Email us for our Rate Card.