art breath

What happens when an international fine artist with a 31 year professional career begins to cross-pollinate her creative vocabulary into humanitarian fields?

There is something very pure about dancing when "no one" is watching… it is the same as painting, drawing & creative being - especially, if that "no one" is your own ego or conscious mind.

At the age of 18 I went to my first summer camp. I was 2 years older than the counsellors - yet i wanted to draw, so badly and i found my moment with a tree when all the useless, purposeless feelings of just being in a meadow, drawing a tree began to transform to a dialogue with the spirit of the tree.

That one experience of drawing a "boring" tree from the logical mind to erasing it all and drawing an award-winning tree in the flow - changed everything for me.

Literally, in that moment, an active envelope of presence opened me up to basking in what is hidden “ making known the unknown, when the me is now” -db

Art Breath is for you.

It is this innovation brought through the hearts and experience of leaders.

Facilitated by a visionary, it is an initiation & awakening into the new paradigm that we are all in right now.

The tools are art materials, mother nature, and the heart. The approach is creative inner awakening through experiential inspiration. Movement. Awareness. Play. Curiosity.

It is a personal approach.

No one experiences it the same way.

You are walked through the first level where the water is wadding depth, and as you begin you teach yourself to flow… naturally.

After all,  we are all wise and brilliant in our unique and diverse ways and we are all here contribute to the expansion of the whole with our unique energy.

Engaging with the art breath process aligns you with your own personal creative vocabulary - your original voice, quality & flow.

The gifts natural gifts of this process seep into many areas of your life, as you feel a new sense of inner centering, harmony, focus & power.

Art Breath is a "now paradigm" in art - uncover your  personal creative vocabulary.

Art Breath provides true nourishment for your soul:  Expression is our create right: Presence • Intention • Non-Judgement • Stillness • Colour • Line • Grounding • Embodiment • Self-Acceptance • Allowing • Sound • Space • Frame of Reference • Peace • Fulfillment •movement • integration • fun

Talks, Lectures, Experiences with live Art Breath Demo's and/or you create sessions!

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Original Creatives

ART BREATH VIDEO SERIES - filming for 2019-  an Initiation Video Series for generating creative, originality - educational material and approaches which foster personal, intuitive creative expansion and vocabulary for individuals, private schools, universities, art institutes and businesses.

This Series has been developed within the past 25 years, and tested to create an opportunity for a quantum leap in creative flow and personal creative vocabulary and original output.

We all have our very own unique perspective, and this is also true for our very own unique expression. Weather you want to use this expression for visual art, dance, business, or strategies - it is your choice.