experience your creativity, expression, your sacred space & new possibilities for creative flow 

The Theme is PRESENCE - Come initiate yourself into your NEW WILD LIFE at ALEILA... and stop running, running running - out of time to live and be you!

Connections at Aleila

We are a creative heart centered come-unity of artists, dancers, musicians, healers and beings of light. We invite you to come out and PLAY with us & join into the New Earth energies as we celebrate the divine feminine, the nourishing presence of being together and the explorations of creative expression, self-love, resting and inner peace & a new curiosity of passionate living.

Here you find friends to sit with, be in common space, be human and share yourself deeply in a way you are inspired. Here you find experiences to be within - creative playshops and workshops in art making, contact dance, life theatre, voice, healing with voice, crystal healing, essential oils therapy, raw food, vegan and gluten free foods, music jams with many types of instruments, contact dance area throughout the event, meditation, yoga, etc  If you have never made art or come to an event like this - know you will be welcomed.

We cater to all ages, and have a children's program from age 8 with the understanding that parents are responsible for their children under 12. • Note some event are for Adults and 12 years and up.

Aleila festival 2015

The Aleila Festival is - sharing the template through various communities worldwide to join together in sacred space to harness local talent in arts, and energy healing communities and join together these awake and aware talents in a place of free expression and playshops to experience unity together.

- Aleila means oneness - and it is a platform for the experience and expression of this oneness - It has run as a retreat up on the Canadian sheild since 1996 at various large camps and centres before it had to be re-structured to this new form

ALEILA gathers artists, healers, free rainbow people in a circle of Love and delight with mutual sharing - we create playshops, small circles of active creating together in art making in many forms, drumming, music, contact dance improv, forest playing, sounding, singing, healing with our voices, aromatherapy, energy work, various hands on techniques where we tune ourselves to our expanding flow (love) and experience living from this state.

The day is experienced within chosen playshop gatherings, wanderings and encounters, the evenings in circle 'performance art creations, and multiple active theatre expressions and dance and music making.

Our food is organic, vegan, mostly raw with incredible smoothies and raw desserts, superfoods, wild foraging etc.

it is a gathering where our awareness of our joy is focused, moment to moment, self love, compassion, gratitude - the mechanism of the expanding now, within each of us as an individual and within comeUnity.

- love to invite you and your comeUnity to join us! 


One day and half day events coming in September 2017 
 Do you want an experience in the new paradigm?  

JOIN US! Come and play, 

download a new way of being at ALEILA!

ONE ALEILA PASS  Experience: your choice of Playshops, retreats and services and interactive events. 

art, music, dance, healing, raw food desserts, transformation, your divine nature,  presence, spontaneity, community circle!
You experience Jamming, magical encounters... at The Smile Office, Living Art Centre with Live music & you drumming, ART BREATH- painting, drawing, make art, Installations, Contact Improv dance, Energywork,  Your Sacred Sound - vocal sounding & transformation, raw desserts, raw organic chocolate,, raw food making in joy!

Aleila Fest - Sample City Day Event Schedule
- A harvest of our creative hearts experience these 4 playshops areas together, create in free time and enjoy a fabulous time playing!
1:30 - 2:00pm     • YOUR SACRED SOUND                                                 Experience healing & transformation with your voice 
2:00 - 3:00pm     • MUSIC & DANCE IMPROV: 
Drums, piano, guitar and contact dance improv, interpretation,             ecstatic dance flow
3:00 - 4:00pm     • RAW DESSERT MAKING  & Snack Break
Learn how to make a couple of incredible raw desserts and then           enjoy eating them!!
4:00-5:00pm        ¶ART BREATH - Drawing or Painting
Master class with artist, initiation and personal free flow - come             delve into your free flow, your personal visual vocabulary
5:00 - 5:30pm      • FREE TIME - choose where to collaborate and play in all modalities 
5:30 - 6:00pm      • RAW Chocolate gift for everyone & CLOSING CIRCLE 

LOCATION - Our beautiful Centre is in Toronto near St. George Subway. We have parking available.

Our His & Herstory

Hundreds of loving hearts have come together at ALEILA since 1996. Together we have pioneered many playshops and workshops, including: energywork, contact dance, free dance, crystal bowls, drumming, healing with voice (vocal sounding), group sounding harmonics, overtone singing, clay spirit animal creations, yoga, Art Breath - drawing in your own vocabulary, children's life parade, raw food creation, essential oils & aromatherapy, kinesiology, reflexology, create your own refurbished clothes, eco-spirit. earth prayer and divine spirit infused events in a deep loving come-unity.

Many beautiful healings have happened at Aleila as the energy of group love and welcoming wellness permeates through us within the gatherings.

Gifting at Aleila

Gifting is a deep part of Aleila -gift someone by offering the gift of your compassion, listening, heart hugs, or any other gifts you may choose. You can give the gift of holding someone's hand as they walk with eyes closed or blindfolded for the first time, or offer the gift of drumming or playing music for someone or a few people who want to dance their heart dance.  Gifting is the way!