Innovation in Telecommunications!

New inventions among us! 

Safer and better than 5G Telecommunications:
Seems we need some education as a collective on this topic.
Most people don't know how our internet, cable, cell phones, cell towers, fibre etc delivers signal to us - we just use our phones, more cell towers go up daily, there is more stress and depression, we give devices to our babies, children and the elderly and no one knows what the impacts are yet. Not in a big controlled study way at least. We are in the thick of this electric soup and some people are extremely sensitive to emf's (electromagnetic frequency) radiation and others are apparently not. 

Is there a better alternative to 5G?
Do you know what 'cumulative" effects of excess "dirty energy" are? Are you curious?

What could be a better infrastructure?

• Safer for our health
• emit better signals
• carry higher data rates with less signal energy
• capable of greater distance with clear signal
• minimizes harmful EMF emissions when broadcasting

As you know, today we are inundated with scrambled unnatural electro-magnetic frequencies from all the standard broadcasting of our modern world.  This has increased exponentially and yes people are sick from it. Children are affected with brain development - and then there is a noticeable increase in anxiety and depression in children, youth, millennials, elderly and all of us.  This can all be alleviated with a new direction in technology.
We now have a new choice
We, as a collective,  did not sign up for this current style of a mass distribution technology which is harmful to us - it is just what we currently use. 

Ask yourself if you would choose a different method where you would receive better service with a safer system.

CloudCat is our mascot, pictured above and you will see CloudCat promoting this project and this tech. 
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