Within this project, I chose to use this imagery of my drawings of the beauty of the female body - to "naturalize" the body. We are made beautifully, and the more we are ok with our naked self - the better life is for us. These drawings are not objectifying the female form, they are in praise of its natural nature." db

Wake up Smiling - 

The way we wake up does affect our day! Take a few minutes to really let yourself smile - for you - you will feel the lift in your heart first thing in the morning.

Keep your eyes closed and just start to smile to yourself - let this energy spread throughout your body, as you give thanks and send a smile to every part of you. It's natural to feel your way to a better feeling anytime you choose to do it.
Natural Woman Art Project
CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS - Turn On Your "Inner Smile" and live YOUR LIVING JOY!
In this art project I am challenging you to pick three women friends to delve more deeply into self-love and their natural nature, by doing things that make them happy on the inside.
Here's Darinka's Facebook post about them."
TOKENS are for key chains or other places they can dangle as reminders.
"Natural Woman TOKEN gifts of wellbeing for people to share with women in their lives - to remind them of self-care and to turn on and tune into their "inner smile".... challenging women to reclaim their power by paying more attention to how they feel, and choosing to feel better by distracting themselves from crappy worries and aggravating thoughts, comparisons and other mumbo jumbo/.  This snazzy series of tokens are laser cut onto Birch wood - which you may know is the wood of new beginnings featuring my drawings to add beauty!"

Focus on embracing our own intuitive natural nature. We are born to enjoy life... if we don't choose that - WE SUFFER.
We have underestimated the #smilepower and living for joy and fun.

SIMPLICITY is the answer we are all looking for.

#WakeUpSmiling  - Self-love is easy.
 - Set timers on your phone to:
 pause, breathe deeply, do your inner smile, give thanks and appreciate YOUR PRESENT MOMENT.
- play - engage in playing around, for fun.

This is a decision each woman makes freely and then embraces into her life in simple and easy ways.
To be easier in life by receiving more self- love daily.

Natural Woman Tokens - Will be ready for purchase this coming week! It's exciting, spread the nurture of natural Woman! Feel the LIVING JOY of who you really are!