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Natural Spirit Portraits

Focusing on beauty, ease, and freedom within - the divine in body portrayed in natural spirit portraits.

Darinka Blagaj is known internationally for her captivating ability to see & evoke the divine presence in each being. Her exquisite line & unique colour fields speak volumes.

"Natural Spirit Portraits"

The focus for these portraits is your inner light, your eternal self which is conveyed in the energy which comes through your soul.This is a mediation and mindfulness time where you feel your natural divinity within and are seen with loving eyes, heart and soul as you pose.  A very healing & empowering experience of self-love, ease and acceptance. The Pose is minimum 1 hour.

The painting or drawing is either a nude portrait or is a colour field of energies, a portal of your being.

Artist Fee: Natural Spirit Portraits are based on a standard fee with a one hour booking and we work from there to establish your unique preferences as relates to size, time, media etc. 

Surface • Paper, Canvas, Wood or Masonite

Size: Your choice of size

Media: Your choice of media or artist chooses

Charcoal on paper

Oil & charcoal on paper

Oil on paper

Mixed Media - acrylic, charcoal, pastels, etc

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas plus mixed media - charcoal, oil sticks, oil pastels

Acrylic & charcoal on canvas

 "The ease of allowing living love, our divinity

to flow through us  - eases the world around us.”