Loop & Sip Books

The Loop & Sip stories: "Share love, give love, feel love, be love."

Many years ago I was sitting in Lincoln Centre library in NYC and I began to draw a story about NOW. It was a complete surprise. 

Loop & Sip were my first teachers of the simple law of attraction

The magic I began to experience with this innocence was awesome. Looking at the world through my heart and noticing I stopped just moving through time. Yes! As I stopped moving through thoughts and plans- "time stood still" - 

I began to use my feelings to navigate- wondering what it would be like to:... be at a Soho party and soon I was there, wondering what it would feel like to do performance art that was just play - and soon I was doing it, and so one. This wondering and noticing where I was invited - where opportunity came naturally into my presence became a delightful way of being.

Letting being... became a moto

Power over others and powers over you - deplete us of life force. 

Yes, control depletes us of life force, life flow.

The First story begins like this:

"Hi. look up. I am making this up right now." I turned the page and I announced, ""My friends, Loop & Sip". 

There began the first story of a girl and a boy, best friends who understood each other, cared about each other...the two parts of me that I did not know which where trying to get through to me daily>

Every part of you belongs.  We are all "wired" for joy. 

"Relax and follow your bliss."

 The story told me - 

"Celebrate your joy and the joy of others."

Because when we don:t let ourselves experience joy or don't let ourselves smile & be joy and don't let others experience joy around us- we go against our natural biology.

We go against the flow of life - we hold, suppress, hate, blame, feel victims of our lives - and it is all our doing - wether subconscious or conscious choices. 

Loop & Sip were my first teachers of the simple law of attraction - when you be the feeling of what you want to feel - you bring the energy into manifestation. 

Align with what you want to feel by feeling it NOW - without actually needing the thing you are pinning for first -  just feel the feeling!

Watch what happens - when you go where you are invited, when you love first - Loving aligns with like hearted or like-vibrating people, situations relationships, abundance etc. 

Loop & Sip remind us - 

"It's that easy."

 The Universe likes it easy - Loop & Sip are curious, and choose to align themselves with flow - this way they explore all that is possible.

Joy in experience is the foundation of the Loop & Sip stories.