We create new infrastructure for a better Humanity. See our Playshops and sessions sister site:

We create new infrastructure based on new possibilities in new inventions for our common good - as in actual products, ideas, creativity structures & models, new education models and concepts.

Activate your transition into your creative genius.
An experience where the MUSE as a single artist or a collective facilitates an experience where you are amidst an eruption of active creating. You participate and be in the circle with this -
• New life navigation style • focus on the centre within
• Balance, energy work, healing with your voice, eye-gazing, deep love communion, 
• contact improv dance, bodywork, heart openings
• mindfulness, presence, moment to moment awareness

Education is full of creativity, discovery, experimentation, hands on , joy & play.
We engage your curiosity to learn in playful ways with our projects & programs.

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At The Smile Office - we are here to integrate to cross-pollinate, to Gift, to partner - with companies, organizations, research teams, work places, play places -  to work with us and help us empower living creators.