c   l   o   u   d        c   a   t            c   l   o   u   d        c   a   t            c   l   o   u   d        c   a   t               
Toronto Adventures of Cloud Cat!
The Smile Office Mascot!

Is Cloud Cat falling from the sky? 

maybe just flowing.... 
going with the flow and at the last minute - 
Cloud Cat flips around, spontaneously landing on #CloudCat feet. Kinda like us in our evolutionary process - we are just floating on the winds of change - any way the wind blows, wherever our mind goes - when "zap" - at the last moment - WE WAKE UP from the illusion of separation realizing we are creating our own reality here on Earth, 
through the way we feel - that is our vibe.
Flowing, allowing, letting thoughts come to us rather than thinking thinking thinking all day... this is The Culture Of Now at The Smile Office.

Cloud Cat is this Springtime's creation by Darinka Blagaj at The Smile Office. Cloud Cat has other Cut Out friends - soon you'll meet them all.

Cloud Cats can be ordered - by request via our Contact page. Get your personal sculptures ordered - we are making indoor/outdoor art pieces, lawn art in acrylic and bigger characters for buildings, hotels, motels, or house art - external and internal applications! Some will include LED lighting so they can shine on at night on your wall - awesome for outside - front step. porch!

Cats are cut out of wood, metal and MDF!!  Stay tuned for the adventures of Cloud Cat and friends - collect your series of Cut - Outs - loving fun characters inspire us to love more, and feel into what we want to live more within this transition of consciousness we are in right now.!