c   l   o   u   d        c   a   t            c   l   o   u   d        c   a   t            c   l   o   u   d        c   a   t               

Adventures of Cloud Cat,
The Smile Office Mascot!

Is Cloud Cat falling from the sky? 

maybe just flowing.... 
flowing, allowing, inspired thought arrives,  
rather than thinking thinking thinking all day...
We're going with the flow on life's wave and at the last minute, like Cloud Cat, we flip around, spontaneously landing on our feet. 
WE WAKE UP from the illusion of separation.

Accepting what is,  realizing we are creating our own reality here on Earth through focusing on the way we feel, not on the finite circumstances in front of us. It's easy - we can choose o feel good no matter what, and allow our dreams and desires to rendezvous with us.


Indoor/outdoor mounted art sculptures, & lawn art laser cut acrylic, metal and MDF. Sizes from Small to large characters for buildings, hotels, motels, retreat centres, etc. Some will include LED back lighting for night on your wall - awesome for exteriors and porch pieces.

Cloud Cat is Darinka's 2018 Springtime creation at The Smile Office. 
Enquire about Cloud Cat and Cut-Out friends through our contact page
Cloud Cat was originally cut out of wood by Tamalei Blagaj-Berger.