The Chocolate Womb
Experience a reset with organic cacao as the activator 

We are proud to introduce our new project - The Chocolate Womb  - which can travel to your location.

Developed as a one-off or monthly or bi-monthy event, The Chocolate Womb specializes in tantalizing the taste buds, opening the heart and awareness of participants to relax, enjoy and play within its environment.

A new community of consciousness is gathering, opening a new conversation, a new culture of participation, awareness and fun. Experience how you can manifest and change reality around you by filling your empty cup and feel an overflow of: creative new ideas, the nourishment of community & awakening to new potential within you..

The Chocolate Womb calls out your radical being & thinking to Awaken to your infinite nature, through your divine presence & your divine flow. If you believe you are here to live heaven on Earth and can feel your life is about so much more than the mundane social repetitive structure, then join us in this exploration.

We feast on 

organic vegan chocolate that is made for the event.

We tell stories and play various creative & fun games together to deepen our self-love & experience our multi-dimensional reality that we are all part of.

It is a goal to deepen our personal intuition and expansion 

of our unique personal gifts.

we are putting into practice sudden understanding and sudden insights.

Chocolate Womb


Pure cacao is the elixir of the Gods, bringing the phrase - "follow your bliss" to new meaning. It nurtures you, awakens your spirit & your creativity. Alchemical chocolate has been used for thousands of years as - food of the Gods - a dynamic elixir which can awakening a sleeping part of us. 

No wonder we all crave chocolate! And the key is in the ingredients: adding sweetness without sugar, and engaging the various tastebuds which are both sensual, satisfying and nurturing.

ABOUT the Chocolate -  our organic vegan handmade chocolate is infused with superfoods and intention to oxygenate and awaken your inner stillness, and feelings of oneness.

Experience the 5 tastes of your palette: sweet, savoury, spicey, salty, bitter - all gourmet, organic superfood vegan chocolate served with herbal teas.

l o v e   y o u !

In sacred space, We play story games, have insights, and be serenaded with live music -  while we feast on "Food of the Gods".

Celebrate sensual pleasure.

Warm your hearts, nurture your palettes. Feast on many varieties of hand made-for-the-event chocolates - melt in your mouth flavours... 

experience a new reality!

The Chocolate Womb 
At your location 
email us for booking info.