the smile office 

a new way to be, think, feel

we are creating a new loving human economy in a culture of now - explore within a cross-pollination Brand facilitating


A Global Movement is taking place right now - people are joining together to create common good.

Be in on it - focus your thoughts, balance your body and breathing. Intend more self-love everywhere - feel it now! 

The Smile Office Project

Here to inspiring you to use your heart - the smile office - to feel your way in day to day life. 

To be present.

To softly talk yourself into your dreams.

To soothe yourself with kindness and play.

To distract yourself from pain,blame, complaining,judgement,hate,anger,greed, fear,by appreciating something in this moment, right now!

To inspire fun in this moment.

To LOVE first, no questions.

To feel what it feels like to be what you desire - feeling it now, without needing to "see" it first in "reality" - that is how you manifest from your heart.

LIVE from your heart, love from The Smile Office - Life is breath in motion.

The Smile Office brings you leading edge JOY, the Culture of Now 

The Smile Office Brand

A brand that focuses our attention on our expansion and our unity as a human family.
Focus on our hearts and our feelings of unity or oneness
Focus our attention on self-love and presence in the moment

Toronto has a new "culture-making" hub. Seeded 3 years ago in a secret coach house, The Smile Office - Living Art Centre was f
ounded & developed by international fine artist Darinka Blagaj - it acts as a seeding hub for the Culture of Now - creating innovative programs, playshops, seminars, events and experiences to implement a Culture of Now.

The Culture of Now focuses our attention on a new way to be in the world and a new way to be within ourselves and our lives.

the present moment is the key focus 
ART meets Cultural Activism and New Culture Making

A space where the clarity of joy surrounds you through paintings and drawings. A place for an Art Breath. A place where the - encouraging you to feel and choose to do what brings you joy. Choosing this joy in each moment and getting used to this new navigation is the gift of the Smile Office.

thank you for visiting, here is LOVE for you right now!
Make every day better when you let yourself live joy!