the smile office art lab 

a new reality incubator 

The Smile Office is a brand... 

A brand new way to be, think, feel. believe.

creative life hacks

living art genius projects

We live at a juicy time, are you awake? Are you asleep to the changes from within? Are you confused?  Do you want a  creative re-boot??

Our projects and sessions are experiences to inspire you to live in the present,  become aware of who you are and how you create your reality. 

The Smile Office Hosts: playshop sessions 

Make every day better when you let yourself live joy! 
The Smile Office is a creative umbrella for: art projects, smile art products, innovation, art installations along with: Art Breath Sessions, events, retreats, private sessions, initiations and playshops.

We are. It is.  living joy