Fun is serious business at 

The Smile Office

The Smile Office creates a culture of play, presence & fun - welcome to the Culture of Now!

making every day better when you live joy!

We create inspirational & motivational  projects to boost and enhance your creative fun:

• videos • partnerships • events • retreats • art installations

We promote & offer experiences into the Culture of NOW to elevate you to live in the present moment, boost your creative spirit, live in self-love & acceptance through these new experiences. 

the smile office

• events  • retreats  • initiations  • sculptures  • PoetTree installations  • products  • Art Breath • Chocolate Womb

We are. It is.  

The Smile Office is your Heart 

imagination expansion for everyone is a place of presence, stillness within & alignment with our eternal self • 

• a culture of unleashing our super powers.

• at the smile office, fun is serious business

• encountering ourselves & each other creatively in the flow.... of the now wave of oneness.

The Smile Office creates a "Culture of Now".

A smile gets you present, flowing, being, beaming.

So much done in one gesture!

Ezra Pound says, art is good news for the soul. 

• here we are - creating an alternative culture where joy is our serious business. Changing everything with a smile, 

The Chocolate Womb Experience! 
Saturday, January 28th, 8pm-10pm
a blissing experience!

the smile wave...Our Philosophy - Smile! and Feel Better... Can it be as easy as a smile? This sounds trite, but it is not. There is an energy to it, there is an energy released, a smiling tsunami of heart energy, which changes how you feel instantly - and LIFE IS ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL

smiling creates...Yes!  This energy has creative power. It has an internal and external power. It connects us with others, even strangers - The internal effect - it brightens our inner world immediately - puts us in a new vibration, a new state of manifestation - it makes us present.

Being present in this moment with a higher energy... Can your whole life change just like that? with just one goal? To be happy in the moment?       

are you wondering what's possible?