the smile office 



A Global Movement is taking place right now - 

Be in on it - focus your thoughts, balance your body and breathing. Intend MORE LOVE EVERYWHERE - FEEL IT NOW> love from The Smile Office! 

Leading edge JOY!

explore a new culture of being • the smile office creates a "culture of Now" We are. It is.  living joy

• a new culture of unleashing our super powers - living more of what we want to see.

 soul presence • heart first • creative intelligence  •  creative genius

• innovation • initiations • events • retreats • private sessions • products • art installations • Art Breath • 

a smile gets you present, beaming, flowing, being. 

We create inclusive,inspirational art projects & experiences to inspire you to live in the present moment & become aware of who you are & how you create your reality.   

Making every day better when you live joy! 

chocolate womb 
art breath