We are. It is. 

A SPACE for The Culture of Now

The Smile Office is a retreat studio, facility & art salon where HR Retreats, Living Art projects & gatherings flourish. 

A place where you come to shine your inner light and delight, Here you align your life purpose - to be living joy.                  

the smile wave...Can it be as easy as a smile? This sounds trite, but it is not. There is an energy to it, there is an energy released, a smiling tsunami of heart energy.

smiling creates...Yes!  This energy has creative power. It has an internal and external power. It connects us with others, even strangers - The internal effect - it brightens our inner world immediately - puts us in a new vibration, a new state of manifestation - it makes us present.

present in this moment with a higher energy... Can your whole life change just like that? with just one goal? To be happy in the moment?       

are you wondering what's possible?   

imagination expansion for everyone   The Smile Office createa a culture of play, presence & fun - welcome to the culture of now.

• a culture of unleashing our super powers.

• at the smile office, fun is serious business

• encountering ourselves & each other creatively in the flow.... of the now wave of oneness.

The Smile Office creates a "Culture of Now".

A smile gets you present, flowing, being, beaming.

So much done in one gesture!

Ezra Pound says, art is good news for the soul. 

• here we are - creating an alternative culture where joy our serious business. Changing everything with a smile, 


We are partnering and licensing our brand and partnering with like- hearted: projects, organizations, designers, companies, institutions - 

Because smiles are the best contageous - every moment a smile is inspired - great momentum and energy is released collectively. We are joining our intentions and brands together in Loving Oneness- Contact us.

GOLDEN SMILE Awards are here! 

Awarded to people, organizations, companies, facilities, who are the embodiment of smiling from the heart - making the world more loving, easy, gentle and creative. Each SMILE is Hand-painted by Darinka!

Darinka Blagaj - art