the smile office


explore a new culture of being

now-is • live joy

expands your imagination through new experiences with: •  soul presence • heart first • creative intelligence  •  creative genius

Fun is serious business at The Smile Office - watch for our art pop-ups promoting a culture of Now-is

We create inspirational & motivational  art projects & experiences to inspire you to live in the present moment & become aware of who you are & how you create your reality. 

Making every day better when you live joy!   

• events  • retreats  • initiations  • sculptures  • PoetTree installations  • products  • Art Breath • Chocolate Womb

We are. It is.  

• a culture of unleashing our super powers.

• at the smile office, fun is serious business • encountering ourselves & each other creatively in the flow.... of the now wave of oneness.

The Smile Office creates a "Culture of Now".

A smile gets you present, flowing, being, beaming.

So much done in one gesture!

Ezra Pound says, "Art is good news for the soul." 

• here we are - creating an alternative culture where joy is our serious business. Changing everything with a smile, 


chocolate womb 
art breath