the smile office 

art lab 

a now reality incubator 

The Smile Office is a brand... 

A brand new way to be, think, feel. believe.

creative life hacks

living art genius projects and


We live at a juicy time, are you awake? Are you asleep to the changes from within? Are you confused?  Do you want a  creative re-boot??

Our projects and sessions are experiences to inspire you to live in the present,  become aware of who you are and how you create your reality.  

Make every day better when you let yourself live joy! 
The Smile Office is a creative umbrella for: art projects, smile art products, innovation, art installations along with: Art Breath Sessions, events, retreats, private sessions, initiations and playshops.
Feeling very grateful and sending out beaming love! 

Celebrating creative and expressive milestones today - a glorious opening for creative flow. Thank you! 
The Smile Office is now seeking partnerships for our 
flagship Art Lab Projects.
The Smile Office Brand is about creative innovation, awakening to the moment of potential and making it real and accessible.

We are. It is.  living joy