the smile office ... is an incubator for:

the culture of now movement

We are a brand... Exploring a new culture of being - a new culture of unleashing our super powers - living more of what we want to see in the world today, by being more of who we are.

offering... a new frame of reference

 a new way to be, think, feel, believe soul presence • heart first • creative intelligence  •  creative genius

• the smile office brand • innovation • initiations • events • retreats • private sessions • products • art installations • Art Breath • 

a smile gets you present, beaming, flowing, being.  

We create inclusive, inspirational art projects & experiences to inspire you to live in the present moment & become aware of who you are & how you create your reality.  

Make every day better when you let yourself live joy! 

NEW ART SHOW  "Mmmwah!" 

ON NOW - Nov. 18-30, 2017

Opens, 7pm with LIVE Improv performances w/Guest artists - pay what you want tickets to each event.

The Smile Office -Living Art, 204-a St. George St, Coachouse

Other Performance DAYS & EVENINGS - drop in!
*Thurs. Nov 23, 4-6pm
*Sat. Nov 25, 7pm -10pm
*Sun Nov. 26, 2-6pm
*Thurs. Nov. 30, 4-7 pm - Closing party

A night of merriment, join us on a journey of art meets life in this Smile Office Living Art installation & performance pieces about UNION. Live music jam, contact dance, and vocal improv. GUEST ARTISTS.
Youth Happy Footprint Project award to: Jester Jumpers designer & maker- the lovely Alexis Venerus for this exhibition. SIient Auction to support creative youth!

The Smile Office, Living Art Centre & the Culture of Now is an invitation created by fine artist darinka blagaj
thank you for visiting, here is LOVE for you right now!
We are. It is.  living joy